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Turning Invoices
Into Immediate Cash

Five Star TMS partnered with eCapital Freight Factoring to bring you fast cash factoring services. With nearly 30 years of financial services expertise focused on serving the transportation industry and over 10,000 clients, eCapital is the trusted leader in flexible, customized funding for consistent business growth.

Now that your loads have been delivered, you’d like to get paid fast. Instead of waiting 30 or 60 days to receive payment, factoring services will have your invoices paid instantly. That way you can get immediate access to money for fuel, truck maintenance, insurance – everything your business needs to grow.

Why Is Factoring With eCapital So Great?

Fast Cash

Get your invoices paid instantly. Use the money to buy fuel and cover expenses.

Fair, Affordable Rates

Say hello to rates you can work with.

Cash Flow

eCapital provides cash flow you can count on to put more trucks on the road.

Gateway to Funds

Take advantage of eCapital’s Visa program to streamline your business spending.

Back Office Support

We take care of billing and collections for you.

Save While You Fuel Up

The best carriers deserve the best fuel card. When you factor with eCapital you get to take advantage of the transportation industry’s top fuel discount program. With discounts at thousands of service stations nation wide, you’ll never pay full price for diesel again.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Credit term on all fuel purchases
  • Save $0.20/gallon off the cash price
  • Accepted at over 16,000 major truck stop locations
  • Daily cash advance option
  • Easy qualification for any fleet size

Cash Flow
You Can Count On

See how factoring can help your business.

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